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Your favorite song -

A song that makes you happy - Best Days by Matt White
A catchy beat, with lyrics about love and happiness. Whether it makes the overall top 10 is a mystery, but it does make the top 10 when all I want to do is dance about like a happy loon!

A song that makes you sad - Roaring Tides (and) Shining in the Sky from Clannad (Without these, I would not have cried buckets when watching the series.)

A song that reminds you of someone - Human by Jon McLaughlin

A song that reminds of you of somewhere - Feet in the Sky by Duke Special
Reminds me of the gardens in town! 

A song that reminds you of a certain event - You're The Light by Ben Cantelon (First Soul Survivor)

A song that you can dance to - Fireflies by Owl City
When I was somewhat unhappy at Uni, I danced to this in my room, and it made me feel free. I'm not sure whether it would make my top 10 - my top 10 are linked to memories, or filled with an incredible depth of emotional truth - but it does mean a lot to me, and I would hate to be without it.

A song that makes you fall asleep -

A song that no one would expect you to love - Foundations by Kate Nash
Don't ask me why...

A song that describes you - Really not sure about this one...

A song that you listen to when you're angry - None in particular...

A song that you listen to when you’re happy - Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer

A song that you listen to when you’re sad - Asleep in the Back by Elbow

A song that you want to play at your wedding - Suteki Da Ne by Nobuo Uematsu
Let's just hope that if I do get married, the fiancee doesn't mind a song in Japanese. The lyrics aren't wonderful, but the voice, the guitar, and the violin all come together and form one perfect, emotion-filled chorus.

A song that you want to play at your funeral - The End by Jason Reeves
I'd begin with the intro and a traditional set of photos, then at the chorus I'd cut to a video of me talking to people about how they must go on and must enjoy life, and make the best of it, and how they should smile and laugh. Then when it reaches the second verse, show a bunch of videos of me as a kid and of my happiest moments, to show them that my life was wonderful. I'd make many of them silly, so that people could laugh. I'd show them that there's no reason to be sad, 'cause I made the best of my life, and did so much - I achieved everything I wanted to; I showed those I loved that they were important.

A song that makes you laugh - What A Comforting Thing from The Rose and the Slipper


A song that makes you feel inspired - Look Through My Eyes by Phil Collins
This song is well within my top 10, and could even make number 1 - that is the most difficult to call. It's filled with a message, about understanding others, and seeing life through another perspective.

A song that brings together the perfect mix of emotions - Heritage of the Wolf from Balto (Sadness, loss, and lack of hope - then memory. Hope follows, and inner strength begins to rise. Doubt clouds the mind, but in that glimmer of hope, we find courage. Then truth. Feeling. We will succeed.)

A song from your favorite album (I have more, so I thought I'd list a top 3 and give one song from each of those.)
  • Don't Forget (Demi Lovato) - La La Land
  • Leave This Town (Daughtry) - Supernatural
  • Brother Bear (Various) - Welcome by The Blind Boys of Alabama


Ah, a yellowtulipg post, we truly are blessed. Interesting choices but nice songs all the same. I'll have to do this meme eventually, everyone is.